The next round of hearings for the Wilshire Bus Rapid Transit project begins next Monday here in Westwood at the Westwood Presbyterian Church (10822 Wilshire Blvd, 6PM-8PM.) Metro and City of Los Angeles staff members will be on hand to share the findings of the recently released Environmental Impact Report.

I think it would be befitting to link to the Streetsblog article written by Dana Gabbard, who provides a very useful primer on the history of bringing mass transit to Wilshire Boulevard, which is the most heavily traveled transit corridor in the LA area. Dana ends his story on an uplifting note, imploring people to make it known to their electeds whether they are (or are not) in support of the project.

Note: Back in April, the City ordered staff to return in 90 days with project work and implementation plans, including staffing levels for the Wilshire BRT.