coolcampuschallengeHere at UCLA, we're all about being the best. So when UC President Janet Napolitano issued the Cool Campus Challenge to see which UC campus is most committed to climate change, we only had two words to say: challenge accepted.

We're squaring off in a friendly competition with the nine other UC campuses (and within UCLA by joining or forming teams!) from now until December 10.

So what's the goal of all this? It's a bit more admirable than just winning (FYI: UCLA is currently ranked 4th). We're trying to become carbon neutral by 2025. And the key is getting the UCLA family to pledge to take small steps in changing their habits to be a little greener.

Sign up today, commit to simple actions like turning off lights and taking public transportation, and earn points for you, your team and your campus.

All UC faculty, staff and students are invited to participate. Help us reduce UC's carbon footprint and create a culture of sustainability across the UC system.

Beating out the nine other UC campuses would be pretty cool too.