Last week, LA County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky posted "53 ways to survive without the 405" on his blog.  Why 53?  A portion of the 405 is scheduled to be closed for 53 hours starting Friday July 15 for the demolition of the Mulholland Bridge.

For us, we were tickled pink by these green commuting options:

22. Form a carpool
26. Take a Metrolink daytrip
46. – 53. Go car-free for a day – or forever

For me personally, I actually plan on going into work that Friday and Monday taking the Culver CityBus Rapid 6 as far as it’ll take me (at a reasonable pace), and hop off and Xoot the rest of the way home.

During the weekend, I don’t plan on getting in my car, period.  I live too close to the 405 to even go near any roads.  I plan on going under voluntary solitary confinement and partaking in a mix of options 4 and 9.  I have a 1,000 piece puzzle I’ve been meaning to tackle, and some major clean up of pantries and closets to do.  If all goes well, the food bank and goodwill should be my new best friends.

So how do you plan on surviving the affectionately dubbed ‘carmaggedon'? Will you be taking any of Supervisor Yaroslavsky’s suggestions?

53 ways to survive without the 405 on Zev's Blog