BruinBus AVL Photo Shoot

We won another award! Specifically, UCLA Fleet and Transit took home the Sustainable Fleet Award at the 2015 Fleet Technology Expo in Long Beach a few weeks ago. Why? Because of our significant contributions to environmental sustainability and fleet efficiencies!

Here’s the gist: More than half of the vehicles in our fleet use alternative fuel, including every single one of our
buses. UCLA has measured an average 30% reduction in carbon emissions every year since 2012 because of our
sustainable programs and fleet, as well as our many far-reaching campaigns that encourage biking and walking instead of driving. Over the past 26 years, UCLA has seen a 23% decrease in the commuters who drive alone, saving a whopping 103,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide from polluting the environment.

We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished, and we thank you all for contributing to our efforts. As for you solo drivers out there: It’s never too late to Be a Green Commuter!