Have you made any new year's resolutions for 2012? How about working in some healthy green commuting goals to save time, money, the environment and maybe even get some exercise?

For the Alternative Transportation Newbie:

Make it a goal to try every alternative transportation mode available to you at least once this year. You might live too far from campus to bike or walk, but why not hop on to a vanpool for a single ride by purchasing a voucher from the Transportation office? Or go to Zimride and find another Bruin to carpool to campus with? And don't forget about public transit! You might just discover that having some free time during your commute to read, listen to music or catch up on your studies is just what you need.

For the Occasional Green Commuter:

For those of you who have tried various green mobility options but don't use them regularly, pick one day of the week (every Wednesday, perhaps?) to use alternative transportation to get to campus. Making it a regular habit is the first step to greening your commute full-time. You'll find yourself refilling your gas tank less, and if you walk or bike to work, you'll improve your health at the same time!

For the Green Commuting Master:

For those of you who already bike, carpool or vanpool to campus everyday, try to stretch your green transportation habits beyond the Monday-Friday work commute. Limit your SOV (single occupancy vehicle) usage to 2 times a week by consolidating your errands or walking to the drugstore instead of driving. Your vehicle will last longer, you'll gain extra time through efficiency, and who knows--maybe one day, you'll be able to let that car go altogether.