I’ve been a vanpool participant for over ten years now. It was the Monday after the daylight savings time change and one of our co-drivers forgot to move her clock back an hour. As a result, she got up an hour early, went to our Park and Ride lot and waited for the regular vanpool driver. Since he did not appear at what she thought was the scheduled pickup time, she went to his house, banged on his door, woke him up, told him he was late and said she was going to take the van to work.

She went by the Park and Ride lot to pick up any passengers (there were none since she was an hour early) and drove to work. Imagine our surprise when the regular vanpool driver showed up that morning at the correct time in his personal vehicle, told us the backup driver had taken the van and we were on our own for getting into work that day!

Only when one of her coworkers asked her why she was in so early did it dawn on the co-driver what she had done!

Whenever there was a time change after that, we always reminded that backup driver to remember to set her clocks forward or back over the weekend. I’ll bet she never does that again.