Back in April, the Los Angeles Bicycle Coalition (LACBC),  Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) , the Office of the Mayor, the LAPD, and the Midnight Riddazz  began a contest soliciting slogans for a new bicycle safety campaign. The winning slogan was then used by Geoff McFetridge, in order to design a public awareness poster that would grace bus shelters and public amenity kiosks throughout Los Angeles. The winning slogan, and poster design was unveiled Tuesday, at a press conference hosted by the Mayor and various leaders of the aforementioned organizations.

"Give Me 3",  which alludes to a minimum 3 feet of passing space between motorists and bicyclists. Other states have already adopted the 3 foot minimum passing space as law. Mayor Villaraigosa, using momentum from his recent Bike Summit, pledged his support to push legislation in order to make the 3 foot minimum passing space, a law in California.

The Give Me 3 poster is only the first wave of a larger safety campaign.  LACBC is working with the Mayor to push public service announcements, anit-harassment videos, better bicycle resources and information on city websites, and city sponsored bicycle safety and education classes.