Yesterday Culver CityBus launched a new service - the Rapid 6!

The Rapid 6 serves the same route as the regular Line 6 with these differences:

  • Extended route to Metro Green Line Station
  • Fewer stops along route
  • Only available during M-F commute hours

This is an awesome service for the UCLA community as many commuters coming up from the South Bay or out east had to take a train to a bus to a bus to get on campus!

One particular UCLA staff member had taken a bus to a train to a bus to a bus for several years for a one-way commute from his home to UCLA.  The new Rapid 6 service will allow him to take one less bus, shaving quite a few minutes off his daily commute.  Check back next week to find out what he thinks about the new service.

For schedule and route details check out:

Have you given the new service a ride?  How has the new Rapid 6 affected your commute?