As the LA Metro experiments with locked turnstiles at some stations, it's the perfect time time for even the occasional public transit rider to consider getting a TAP card.

TAP cards are reusable, eco-friendly passes that take place of disposable paper passes. You can use a TAP card on the Culver CityBus, Santa Clarita Transit, Norwalk Transit, Foothill Transit, on all Metro bus and rail lines, and on a variety of municipal lines. Even if you're not a frequent user of use public transit, having a TAP card handy can make those once-in-awhile trips that much more convenient. You also get balance protection with a TAP card. If it ever gets lost or stolen, Metro will replace your balance as long as you register your card for free online.

And don't forget that UCLA students, faculty and staff receive a 50% discount on quarterly passes, and faculty and staff can use easy pre-tax payroll deductions for their payments. The next sign-up period is for winter quarter and opens on December 1st.

You can get a TAP card at certain Metro stations and also order one online, but if you're at UCLA your best bet is to head right over to the Central Ticket Office to get yours! You can find more details on UCLA Transportation's website.