Transportation Services - Hybrid Bus shoot for BrochureAccording to, five of the top ten resolutions for 2015 were, in no particular order, to get fit, enjoy life to the fullest, spend less, learn something new and read more.

I've discovered a way for you to hit all five goals at once: using public transit. Our brand new Transit Incentive Program (TIP) makes it even easier for you to do that. Whether you currently have a permit or plan on getting one, we'll give you a free transit pass plus additional ultra-cool benefits to help you keep your New Year's resolutions.

Just step into the Transportation lobby and ask one of our team members about TIP to find out exactly what it's all about.

And here's how riding public transit will tackle all five resolutions:

    1. Get fit: Public transit commuters get significantly more exercise than those who drive alone. Studies have proven that active commuting equals a lower body mass index.
    2. Enjoy life to the fullest: To do that requires less stress. Public transit saves you the headache of sitting in traffic and trying to find parking. Instead, you can listen to music, read or relax.
    3. Spend less: A no-brainer. You're not spending money on gas, parking, vehicle maintenance or high insurance costs. This equals about $774 per month or $9,286 per year, according to the American Public Transportation Association.
    4. Learn something new: Figure out how to get around town. Get to know the neighborhood where you work and where you live. Don't stay trapped in the bubble of your car.
    5. Read more: Been sitting on that book for a year because you don't have time? Now you do. No joke, I finished a book every week or two when I started taking the bus and plowed through my reading list.