If you missed Gearing Up for Bike Week this past Wednesday, here are links to some of the topics and resources that were covered:

Gearing Up for Bike Week was led by Ron Durgin from Sustainable Streets, Donald Strauss from Antioch University and Mihai Pheteu from UCLA Design Media Arts. These gents are invaluable members of the bike community and if you ever have questions or concerns, I encourage you to reach out to any of them.

Sustainable Streets hosts a number of bike safety and maintenance classes around Los Angeles throughout the year.  The Confident City Cycling class is free and is a two-part class; the first session is covered in a class room and the second session is on the road.

If you're interested more in bike wrenching and maintenance, check out your nearest bike collective or co op. Bike collectives and co ops have professional tools and repair stations and are staffed with volunteers who help you learn how to repair and maintain your bike.

Our very own UCLA Bike Shop is also open Monday through Friday from 10am - 3pm. The UCLA Bike Shop provides repair services, do-it-yourself stations and hosts bike safety and maintenance classes each quarter. * Check the UCLA Bike Shop website for summer hours and classes.