Commuters will soon be able to surf the internet at no charge as they cruise around Los Angeles. As part of a new pilot program, 150 Metro buses will be outfitted with free wireless capability in the coming weeks. Talk about connection in motion.

The buses with WiFi will be randomly assigned to various routes throughout the Metro system. Buses with wireless service will be marked with green decals to show riders they can connect to the internet once they embark.

Onboard wireless service will save passengers data and offer a potentially better internet connection than their cell Bus Journeyservice provider.

Metro customers can access the WiFi after boarding the bus by connecting to the network “Free Metro WiFi.” The service is free to all travelers and there is no limit on time usage.

The WiFi will have a speed equivalent to 4G LTE, which is good for basic web surfing but won’t allow large downloads like movies.

Free Metro WiFi sends users to a landing page with a trio of features:

  • A map with improved real-time arrival times and service alerts
  • A chat function that lets users contact Metro Customer Relations staff with any questions about Metro service
  • A red button that allows users to alert Metro security 24/7

Another 150 buses will be outfitted with WiFi later this year. All new buses added to the 2,200 Metro vehicle fleet will be wired for WiFi connectivity. Within the next few years the entire bus network will offer internet access.

WiFi availability on transit keeps passengers connected with an enhanced experience. They can read and reply to emails, catch up on news, check social media networks and do more on-the-go browsing, all at no cost. The technology helps modernize the commute mode, creating an attractive alternative to driving, in addition to public transportation’s other benefits.


Image courtesy of Metro