I had the time of my life at last Friday's Critical Mass.

On Friday night, I was one of at least six hundred cyclists who were joined by LAPD's bike cops who traversed the streets of K-town, Mid-City, Hancock Park, the Fairfax District, WeHo, and Hollywood. Everything was peaceful, except for one youngster who promptly got caught tagging and he got mocked via Twitter.

People came from all over LA and from as far as Orange County and San Diego to be a part of this event.

I got to the Wilshire/Western subway station at about 6:30PM and snapped these photographs before heading off to the newly-opened Koreatown location of Novel Cafe for a snack:

Critical Mass

People came far and wide, and some used mass transit to reach the Wilshire/Western subway station.

Bike cops hanging back before the start of Critical Mass

Cyclists mingle with one another before ths start of the "Historic" Critical Mass event last Friday.

Critical Mass quickly traveled 12 miles before its first stop at Pan Pacific Park near the Grove. It was incredible. My riding experience is mostly limited to the Valley, the Westside, and the square bounded by Western, Melrose, Beverly and Normandie (that's where I lived until I was 14), so I got goosebumps as I saw the streetscape of these streets from a bike: Western Avenue south of Wilshire; Washington, Venice, Highland, 6th Street, Normandie, LaBrea, Melrose in West Hollywood, and so on.

While it was daylight, people came out of their apartments and houses to see our mile-long platoon fly on by. Some motorists even honked for us. I got to meet (or at least see) many cyclists I know. I also had a lovely conversation during the Pan Pacific Park pitstop with Louis "Birdman" Deliz, who was on his first Critical Mass ride since his accident last winter in WeHo, about a more lighthearted topic: his border collie. (And I love dogs, so Birdman endeared himself to me.)

LA Streetsblog, BikesideLA, and BikingInLA all provide accounts of Friday's ride. Check it out for more information.

I sign off with the snapshot below taken by my friend Maddy of Critical Mass participants riding into the sunset.

First taste of pics from l#LACM. Nothing greater than riding ... on Twitpic

From @Maddz4Planning via TwitPic: First taste of pics from #LACM. Nothing greater than riding into the sunset with 500 of your closest friends. (Click the photo to see larger image.)