Did you know that Los Angeles is home to more than 5,000 bicycle parking spaces? With so many racks to choose from, there is most likely one near your destination.

And now with LADOT's new handy online bike parking map, you can plan both your route and parking spot before you take off on your next ride.

Just head over to LADOT's Bicycle Services website and either zoom in on the area you would like to view or type in the address of your destination. When you click on one of the green dots, a window will pop up with the number of racks installed at that location and title of the business associated with the rack(s). If you can't find a rack near your destination, fill out LADOT's Sidewalk Bicycle Rack Request Form and one could be installed soon!

You can also check off the "Existing Bikeways" box to view nearby bike paths, lanes, routes and sharrows.

Make sure to read LADOT's tips for locking your bike before you head out on your next ride. And take a look at this entertaining video series where bike mechanic Hal Ruzal walks the streets of New York City grading how well people lock their bikes.