**Amended slightly at 4:22 to insert Mihai's last name.

There are exciting things happening with bikes at UCLA Transportation and around campus this spring!

For starters, START (our action research team) is working hard on accomplishing its goal of making UCLA a more bike-friendly campus. Recently, they helped us with the data collection for an analysis that we’re doing to understand how well the bicycle sharrows are serving cyclists.

START team figures out sharrow diagram

Ray is discussing the sharrow survey methodology document with Liz and Nina.

Before spring break, Mike King (our bike planner) and I met with the START members to count cyclists as they travel past the sharrows near the hospital, and checked off whether the cyclist went left, right, or down the middle of the sharrow.

I realize many of you may already know this, but it was news to me that the purpose of a sharrow is to convey to cyclists that they are welcomed, and that it is safe – and preferable – for them to take the whole lane. Other purposes for installing sharrows is to show cyclists where they can ride safely without, for instance, being in the range of motorists opening their car doors. Of course, this is disputable; hence, the evaluation to find out if the benefits are conferred to cyclists on our campus.

Out in the field

Sharrow training video

One of the reasons we enlisted START’s help with this task is because we hoped to expose them to what we have done to make the campus more bike friendly, as well as to have them see first hand the nexus between field work and the implementation and evaluation of long term solutions, like sharrows.

Mike will share the results of the sharrow analysis later this spring here at Be a Green Commuter as well as in our newsletter, Spoken Word.

During the second half of their two-quarter time with UCLA Transportation, START will be busy promoting cycling through traditional and new media (including the production of an educational video); conducting a survey; and developing recommendations to submit to our department for improving bicycle.ucla.edu and the Cyclist Corner.

DU's bike lending library fleet

The bike lending library fleet at the University of Denver. We'll have one of these soon!

Elsewhere at UCLA Transportation, we’re in the planning stages of launching a bicycle library, thanks to TGIF, and the production of a documentary featuring Herbie Huff and Mihai Peteu, two UCLA bicycle commuters. The working title is “A Day In the Life of Two Commuters”. Brent Pantell, our graphic designer, is the director, and he has partnered with ESLP, the Sustainable Resource Center, and hte UCLA Bicycle Coalition.

Outside the department, Alexis Lantz and Eric Burkovich have kicked off their student-initiated bicycle and pedestrian planning course in the Department of Urban Planning. You can check out their syllabus: BikePedCourseSyllabus.