UCLA now has Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger in UCLA Parking Structure 1two additional electric vehicle charging stations in Parking Structure (PS) 1. That means we now have eight EV chargers all over campus!

Instructions on how to access each charger varies depending on its location. Go to our website to find the nearest station to you.

The two EV charging stations in PS 1 are located in the “Staff Parking” section of the structure near the entrance/exit ramps. One EV charger is also available in the “Visitor Parking” section.

As usual, both Level 1 and Level 2 charges cost $2/hour and payment can be made through the ChargePoint Network.

If you meet DMV requirements for a White Clean Air Decal and are otherwise eligible for a UCLA parking permit, you can purchase a reduced-fee Clean Fuel Permit for $57/month to replace your existing permit. A Clean Fuel Permit allows you to park at any EV charging station for up to 4 hours without paying any additional cost for parking (you must still pay to charge the vehicle). And if you are a Bruin Commuter Club member, you can use your BCP privilege to park at an EV charging location.

Download ChargePoint's mobile app to find available stations nearest you.