Did you know that UCLA is home to 6 electric vehicle charging stations? Our latest ChargePoint stations can be found at the following locations:

  • Parking Structure (PS) 5 is located in north campus next to the Anderson School of Management. The chargers are on the southwest corner of the rooftop level.
  • Parking Structure (PS) 32 is located at Kinross Avenue and Weyburn Place. Enter PS 32 from Kinross; the station is on the aisle leading to the L2 Northeast area.

We also have our first two stations that were installed in PS 9 last September.

These chargers offer Level 1 and Level 2 charges for $2 an hour. There is a 4-hour time limit for EV charging as they are meant to be "top-off" locations (not primary charging locations). Remember--a valid parking permit is required to park and use the stations. UCLA affiliates can get cross-parking at a nearby Information Booth. If you have a Clean Fuel Vehicle permit, you may park in an EV charging station spot without first obtaining cross-parking clearance. Visitors must follow different guidelines; go to our website for details.

Before you head over, make sure to visit ChargePoint's website (or download a handy app to your mobile) to see which stations are are currently available or occupied.