Cyclists numbering in the dozens ride up Veteran Avenue past my apartment in Weyburn Terrace

At least 100 cyclists rode up Veteran Avenue past my apartment in Weyburn Terrace last month on an organized social bicycle ride.

There is something really magical (to me, at least) about being on my bike, and riding alongside somebody else who is on his or her bike. I feel a lot safer, I feel a lot more social, and I feel a lot happier.

So imagine, just for a moment, the burst of joy I felt when I heard this cacophony of sounds from people, honking their bicycle horns,  going by my window in Weyburn Terrace.

Usually it is the sound of cars, hundreds of them, thundering past my window at all hours of the day and night, which make it hard for me to study or sleep through the night. But cyclists! What seemed like hundreds of them! On a joyride!

I consider myself a "utility cyclist" - I ride my bike so I can get around. But there are large cadres of cyclists who also ride together with entities such as Midnight Ridazz and Critical Mass. I'm not sure what organization sponsored the ride of cyclists who went past my apartment that Friday night (probably Santa Monica Critical Mass, since they ride on Friday nights). But it was darn cool and hopefully I'll be able to go out and do it with these people sometime soon.