This morning’s Daily Bruin included an op-ed by Scott Perring, an undergrad who wrote to ask fellow students to suggest topics for his upcoming 10 Minutes with Chancellor Block.

FYI: The Chancellor devotes an entire hour each quarter to speak with students. To be exact, the 60 minutes are divided into six-10 minute periods, which are then allocated by lottery. I was a student for six quarters. I entered the lottery all six quarters. I was never selected.

But young Scott Perring was, and that’s pretty awesome. So today, he devoted his 500 words in today’s paper to pondering upon what exactly he wants to discuss with the Chancellor. His take on campus policies and the state of the campus is so optimistic (“And while these are trying times, my lack of specific concern proves that while UCLA isn’t perfect, we still enjoy a remarkable amount of luxury at this school”) that he is at a loss for conversation topics.

And, come to think of it, so would I.

Previously, as a student, I would have lobbied the Chancellor for his support for the Westside Subway Extension. But he has come out publicly in support of the subway, just after my graduation, so well, that’s off my list of Things To Do.

Of course, I am thankful that Scott publicly articulated his support for the bike dismount zone: Yes, it sucks that I need to walk my bike on campus, but I can’t think of a better suggestion to protect the numerous innocent walkers who suffer collisions each year

So I guess that if I got my 10 minutes with Chancellor Block, I would use it to ask more about him: to ask him about how he got to UCLA, what he would like to improve, and how might a student like myself contribute to the university’s overall mission of educating future civic leaders.

And then I’d ask if we could be Facebook friends.