Bike Routes to UCLA

Add your route to the Riding to UCLA map - Courtesy of Mihai Peteu

UCLA Bicycle Resources

Your guide to on-campus resources and information especially for UCLA cyclists.

Bicycling at UCLA
General information about bicycling at UCLA.

Bike Parking & Services
Find the hundreds of spots on campus you can park your wheels and grab a quick shower.

UCLA Community Bike Center
The UCLA Bike Shop offers repair services, rentals and safety/maintenance classes.

Campus Bike Safety
Everything you need to know about keeping your bike safe and secure.

Bike Lockers
How to use the bike lockers on campus.

Dismount Zone
Remember to walk your wheels in dismount zones.

Additional Bicycle Resources

Check out the following websites for city-wide information for all cyclists.

LADOT Bike Blog
LADOT Bike Services
LA County Bike Coalition
Bike Metro
League of American Bicyclists
Bike Santa Monica