Cordon count results between 1990-2008. Source: UCLA Transportation's Planning & Policy Unit

UCLA’s annual Cordon Count is currently underway.

The Cordon Count is a week-long count of all vehicles entering and exiting the UCLA Main Campus, Southwest Campus, and the UCLA Wilshire Center Building. Vehicle trips at all entrances and exits on campus are counted using the Campus Automated Traffic Monitoring System (via loop detectors embedded in the pavement), and pneumatic roadway hoses.

UCLA Transportation counts vehicles trips at the Wilshire Center through a formula agreement with City of L.A. Department of Transportation.

The Cordon Count was originally enacted in order to meet the requirements of the UCLA Long Range Development Plan’s (LRDP’s) Environmental Impact Report (EIR), and a then unprecedented Traffic Mitigation Monitoring Agreement (TMMA) signed with the City of Los Angeles almost 20 years ago.

The Cordon Count Report shows that UCLA vehicle trips have been reduced 1990-2008 Cordon Count Snapshot, primarily due to UCLA Transportation’s various alternative transportation program options. The full Cordon Count Report should be released by early January 2011.