From the LA Times: Jaime de la Vega looks on as LA Times columnist Steve Lopez looks at the tires of De La Vega's Hummer. (Barbara Davidson/Los Angeles Times / February 5, 2010)

After three years (or more) of mocking, Los Angeles's  deputy mayor for transportation says he has stopped driving his H3 Hummer to work. Instead, Jaime De La Vega has begun carpooling with his wife in an Acura or (gasp!) takes public transit.


  • June 2006: First of many digs at De La Vega about his Hummer in Bottleneck Blog.
  • January 2007: "Don't Ask Me About My Hummer" - NYStreetsblog write-up of Steve Lopez's first interview with De La Vegas, who refuses to answer any questions about the Hummer. (Actual column is no longer available for free online.)
  • January 2007: Steve Lopez's first column attracts lively Letters to the Editor.
  • June 2008: Gas prices have escalated to nearly $5 a gallon; Lopez spies De La Vega's Hummer in a city parking garage, later offers De La Vega $75 for said Hummer by e-mail, which De La Vega ignores.
  • January 2010: First verification that De La Vega gave up the Hummer.
  • February 2010: Lopez and De La Vega race to see who gets to City Hall first (Lopez via De La Vega's Hummer), De La Vega by train.
    • De La Vega wins by 10 minutes and is "yammering about the wonders of rail."
    • Lopez's offer to buy De La Vega's Hummer for $75 is still unaddressed.