If you've never ridden a bike on the streets of Los Angeles, you might be hesitant to take that first step towards cycling alongside cars during your commute. Fear no more--there are wonderful resources to help you become a confident, smart and safe bicyclist, and Sustainable Streets is one of them.

Sustainable Streets, a nonprofit committed to encouraging alternative transportation, offers a free course for anyone ages 16 and up called Confident City Cycling. Each two-part course consists of a classroom session followed by a hands-on session where participants  learn how to operate a bicycle safely and legally on public roadways. They also learn how to perform bike safety checks and basic roadside repairs such as fixing a flat tire and minor mechanical adjustments. On top of that, each student receives a manual, a review of state and local laws, on-bike skill development, a Planet Bike Beamer headlight/taillight set, Pedros tire levers and a Nutcase helmet. All for free!

Classes are limited to 12 participants and are held almost every month in various locations in LA, so you can always find a course close to you. Go to this website to find out when and where the next class is scheduled and to register online. Sustainable Streets also offers cycling courses for children and parents and pedestrian safety for all ages, so make sure to take a look at everything they have to offer.