The mailer that went out to publicize the charette-style subway meeting taking place on Thursday
The mailer for the charette-style subway meeting taking place on Thursday

Just one more day until the Westwood meeting of the latest round of Westside Subway Extension meetings! I can't wait. I'm impressed - 55 Bruins have already RSVPd YES, they're coming to tomorrow night's meeting at the VA via a Facebook event created by Bruins for Traffic Relief.

 This meeting will be different because they will be breaking us into groups led by a facilitator where we can talk about what potential station locations and entrances. This is the time for people to provide their input.
Per their FB invite, Bruins for Traffic Relief president Matt Kroneberger invites all Bruins to join him on the bus to head over to the Wadsworth Theater in the VA together.
Getting to the Wadsworth at the VA is easy...because its close and has oodles of transit options.
I (Matthew Kroneberger) will be taking the Big Blue Bus @ 540PM 3 Bus, or the 543PM 2 Bus from Weyburn and Westwood (where all the buses go, essentially) to Bonsall & Wilshire.
But, if you aren't coming from campus, just use to plan, noting the Metro Rapid 720 heading West (Headsign: Santa Monica) will get you there just as well.
Matt will be holding a  Bruins for Traffic Relief sign. He also wishes to encourage everyone to don some blue and gold at this meeting to show some visual solidary and excitement for the subway. Some of us from UCLA Transportation will also be in attendance, so be sure to say hi!
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