LACBC_Ciudad de Luces

The Los Angeles County Bicycle Coaltion (LACBC) through the City of Lights Program (Ciudad de Luces), has worked to provide bicycle lights, reflective vests, helmets, and safety information to cyclists in the Pico-Union/East Los Angeles area. Latino  laborers make up a large population of the Pico-Union/East Los Angeles area. A large number of the population commute regularly by bicycle, and are often times overlooked as part of the bicycle community. The mission of the City of Lights Program is to empower and educate the cyclists in this area, through outreach and advocacy, improving the bicycle community and safety overall.

Allison Manushkin, the Urban Programs Coordinator with the LACBC and a member of the UCLA Bicycle Coalition, has worked closely with the City of Lights Program. The City of Lights Program is looking for volunteers to help with a project aimed at providing secure bicycle parking racks for the Westlake/Pico-Union area. Volunteers and members of the LACBC will identify potential bike rack locations on Sunday, 12/20 at 7th/Alvarado. LACBC will then submit recommendations to LADOT in the beginning of the year. If you’re interested in helping, contact Allison .