CicLAvia is this Sunday, April 15, from 10am - 3pm.

For those unfamiliar, CicLAvia will close designated streets between East Hollywood and Downtown to motor vehicles. The designated streets then become open space for - bicycles, skateboards, impromptu yoga classes, dodge ball games,  a place to talk to your neighbor.

CicLAvia was based off ciclovias in Bogota, Colombia. Bogota, like many metropolitan areas, suffered from traffic congestion and air quality issues. Ciclovias started as a way to get people out of their cars and reengage with their communities. Since then, ciclovias have spread throughout Latin America and this Sunday marks the fourth CicLAvia in Los Angeles. Ciclovias and CicLAvia point out how much space is designed around the automobile and redefines what public space should be about.

CicLAvia is free to attend. The CicLAvia route is designed to be adjacent to major public transit lines, so public transit and bicycling are encouraged. However, all modes of transportation are welcome and there is parking around the periphery of the CicLAvia route. For more information about CicLAvia, the route and directions to Ciclavia, click here.

If you're thinking about bicycling from UCLA or the Westside, there's a feeder group ride meeting in Bruin Plaza on Sunday at 9am. For more information about the UCLA feeder ride, contact the UCLA Bicycle Coalition, or checkout the event Facebook page.