Damien at LA Streetsblog shared that Siel (aka GreenLAGirl) and Molly Peterson are hosting the first ever (that I know of) transportation-themed live chat in LA TODAY between 3-4p. Click here to partake.

A personal note: I love, love, love live chats. They can be such a wonderful way to capture the cultural  zeitgeist on a particular issue.

The Washington Post has done a masterful job of creating online communities on a particular topic through its daily livechats. They even have a live chat show related to transportation: "Dr. Gridlock". People log on to kvetch and ask questions about commuting. The best part to me is that their regional transit agency's PR people actually tune in during these live-chats, and offer official departmental responses to inquiries. While some people truly hate WMATA (see UnsuckDCMetro as an example), WMATA's pro-active involvement in these chats have truly impressed me.

So, thus, I hope that Siel and Molly's live chat blossoms and becomes another platform (much, much needed here in LA) where the public can interact with local officials and transit agencies, and demand and receive answers to their pressing questions in an instant medium of communication.