Via bicycling advocate Stephen Box and LAist-

Bicycling Magazine recently provided tips on how to avoid these five common bike-car accident scenarios:

  • Left Cross - where the motorist doesn't see the cyclist and hits him/her (this makes up 1/2 of bike-car conflicts, according to Bicycling)
  • Right Hook - motorist passes cyclist on the cyclist's left, then cuts the cyclist off to turn right
  • Doored (ouch)
  • Parking Lotted
  • The Overtaking

Some of the advice they provided was common sense, but worth repeating:

  • Take the whole lane (you're allowed to in all 50 states!)
  • Be seen
  • Ride at least three feet away from parked cars (to avoid being doored.)

For specific tips pertaining to each of the scenarios, check out the Bicycling story here today.