The UCLA Climate Action plan is a document that commits the UCLA campus to reduce the global climate change.  Chancellor Block stated in a recent email to the campus that "all of us have roles to play in addressing global climate change and creating a sustainable future for those who come after us."  The plan highlights some of those roles and focuses on many key campus practices including transportation.  Specifically, it calls to reduce emissions by increasing the percentage of alternatively fueled campus vehicles to a remarkable 70% by 2020.  Currently, one-third of the campus fleet is alternative fuel.  Furthermore, the 2020 committment represents a reduction of nearly 4,100 metric tons of CO2.    Other measures include reducing the drive-alone rate through the expansion of on-campus housing for undergraduate and graduate students.

The plan does a tremendous job to encapsulate the bredth of sustainable efforts here at UCLA.  In doing so, it stresses a collective approach to a problem that affects everybody. 

To view the Climate Action Plan video and/or read the entire document, Click Here.