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Thorns are a Biker’s Nemesis

All bikers know the thorns I’m talking about.  They’re round on one end and they have a spike on the other just long enough to pierce through the thickest of tire treads and right into the tube. Now I know that the bush or tree that generously scatters these thorns needs to do so in order […]


TV on the Bus?

We as Transportation are saying in an ad this year that we can read on the bus, listen to books, watch shows sleep, and connect. But how are you supposed to do much of this (lacking earphones) if the bus TV is really loud and annoying?   I have asked the bus drivers to turn it off, but […]


On the 720 to the 99 cents only store

The thing about going car-free is that you have to figure out how to use transit to get to the places that matter to you – especially if they are the places that can help you make your modest graduate student stipends go a little further than they would here in Westwood. One such destination […]


Metro Rideshare Week Winners

Sharing the ride is a great solution to the problems of commuting.  Save money on gas and enjoy a stress-free commute to work or school using your choice of many options.  Thanks to all that chose to share the ride during Rideshare Week 2008.  Here are some of our rideshare participants that have won grand […]


Calculate your Carbon Footprint

This website has an awesome carbon footprint calculator:  The technology they use for the site is phenomenal; however, the truth in the statistics is somewhat alarming.  I consider myself to live a conscious lifestyle.  I carpool daily and ride my bike (infinite gas mileage ) to work once a week; yet, the calculations still say that it […]