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America’s Most Transit-Friendly Cities

Skyline of Los Angeles with freeway traffic,CA

Los Angeles is an amazing city, famous for its near perfect weather, outdoor activities and its close proximity to famed beaches. In fact, Los Angeles might be considered America’s most perfect city if it weren’t for its notorious traffic. But is the traffic really that bad? Not so, says a recent Trulia article, Driving vs. […]


What’s the New BruinTAP for Transit Program?


Our new BruinTAP for Transit program makes it even easier for you to ride transit! Now, you can buy a BruinGO! Flash Pass and/or a Go Metro pass online and load both passes onto one TAP card! And all you have to do when you take transit is TAP your card and go! Plus, when you purchase […]


Best Places in the US for Green Living


The idea of a sustainable city—one where both the city and its residents do their part in maintaining a green environment—may seem like a pipe dream, but there are cities right here in the U.S. that are making that dream a reality. When examining cities in the nation based on transportation, waste management, quality of the […]


Transportation is Now Largest Source of Pollution in US


Photo By Dave Herholz (flickr) For the first time in nearly 40 years, the transportation sector in the US has produced more carbon pollution over the past 12 months than any other sector of the economy. The new data from the US Energy and Information Administration (EIA) shows that carbon emissions from transportation have exceeded emissions from […]


Pokémon GO Tips: How to Catch Them All

Fullerton, United States - July 13, 2016: Image of people playing pokemon go game on an iphone smartphone devices. Pokemon Go is a popular virtual reality game for mobile devices.

Pokémon GO is officially the most popular app in the history of the U.S. And while some are decrying how annoying its prevalence can be (there’s that get-off-my-lawn guy and these Sydney residents), some are championing its power of getting people off their butts to explore the city. After all, why is it OK to […]