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Free T-Shirt Printing at the Enormous Activities Fair!


Attention all students! Fall Quarter is almost here! To celebrate, we’re bringing back our always-popular live T-shirt printing station at the Enormous Activities Fair. Join us Tuesday, September 20 at Dickson Court North starting at 11 a.m. Choose your favorite of two designs, and we’ll print and dry it for you on the spot. Come […]


10 Places to Go With Metro From UCLA

metro gold line

Los Angeles is known as one of the most car-centric cities in the nation. We’re here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be. Whether you’re new to LA or just looking for a way to get out of mind-numbing traffic, there are ways to get around town without your car. Here’s how to navigate […]


Metro Unveils Brand New Website


Metro rolled out its new-and-improved website yesterday, equipped with a completely redesigned trip planner. And they’re letting the public test the beta version before launching the official site in January. From now through the end of the year, you can preview and try their trip planner, which has been re-engineered to include multi-modal options and up-to-date service alerts. That […]


Transportation is Now Largest Source of Pollution in US


Photo By Dave Herholz (flickr) For the first time in nearly 40 years, the transportation sector in the US has produced more carbon pollution over the past 12 months than any other sector of the economy. The new data from the US Energy and Information Administration (EIA) shows that carbon emissions from transportation have exceeded emissions from […]


Pokémon GO Tips: How to Catch Them All

Fullerton, United States - July 13, 2016: Image of people playing pokemon go game on an iphone smartphone devices. Pokemon Go is a popular virtual reality game for mobile devices.

Pokémon GO is officially the most popular app in the history of the U.S. And while some are decrying how annoying its prevalence can be (there’s that get-off-my-lawn guy and these Sydney residents), some are championing its power of getting people off their butts to explore the city. After all, why is it OK to […]