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Guess What Happened Recently

BruinBus AVL Photo Shoot

We won another award! Specifically, UCLA Fleet and Transit took home the Sustainable Fleet Award at the 2015 Fleet Technology Expo in Long Beach a few weeks ago. Why? Because of our significant contributions to environmental sustainability and fleet efficiencies! Here’s the gist: More than half of the vehicles in our fleet use alternative fuel, […]


Navigating the Roads the Green Way

Skyline of Los Angeles with freeway traffic,CA

Are you a recent graduate? Headed off to college? How do you plan to get around town? If you have a driver’s license, you’re probably thinking about getting behind the wheel. Driving in LA is a unique (and unavoidable) beast that gives you insights into other people and lessons in the local culture. But driving […]


New Year’s resolutions for a greener lifestyle

High Line Park

Now that the Holiday season has passed kick-off the New Year with green resolutions to reduce your carbon footprint in 2015. 1. Use alternative modes of transportation   Carpool, use public transit, walk or bike whenever possible. You can save almost 1,600 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions each year by leaving your car at home […]


Will electric vehicles reclaim the road?


Can you imagine a world where electric vehicles (EVs) dominate the roads? Too far-fetched? Just look at the late 1890s, when EVs were the car to have, outselling gasoline cars 10 to one! EVs were so popular that the first car dealerships were exclusively for electric cars. Starting in 1910, Fordism and motorized assembly lines allowed […]


The EV experience from a daily UCLA commuter


Allison Faris is a student at UCLAAnderson School of Management and switched to an electric vehicle last May. Allison gives weekly updates about her new found EV life on her blog MyNetZeroEV , and has shared her reasons as well as the benefits and challenges with us: Why did I choose to switch from a […]