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How to Avoid the Most Common Cycling Accidents

Road accident

As the cost of gasoline and the awareness about the damage of fossil fuels both increase, more and more people are deciding to use alternative modes of transportation. Given that Los Angeles benefits from bicycle-friendly weather all year long, bicycling is a common and a viable choice for UCLA students, staff and faculty. However, many cyclists have to […]


How Your Commute Can Make You Happier


Commuting to work can be traffic-laden, tedious and dreadful. But it turns out there’s a way to lighten the load, and it starts with picking the right transportation mode. According to a paper published last month in the journal Sustainability, the way we commute can affect our sense of happiness and well-being. In particular, sustainable commutes […]


How to Change Your Bike’s Tire

He always gets the job done in time

Flat tires on your bike are always a frustrating thing to have to deal with. However, all of this can be avoided if you’re adequately prepared. So grab your tools and follow these simple directions to get back on that road in no time. Before we begin, make sure you have all the necessary tools: […]


UCLA is a Bike-Friendly University

bikelane blog header

UCLA is Silver status Bicycle Friendly University awarded by the League of American Cyclists. And while it may be true that the hill-strewn topography on and around campus makes it difficult for commuting bicyclists, we have extensive bike programs and infrastructure to help mitigate that challenge. That’s why out of the 61,520 students and employees commuting to […]


[VIDEO] BruinBikeSmart SCAG Award


UCLA Transportation was recently presented with a Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) award for our BruinBikeSmart citation diversion program, the first of its kind in LA county. To celebrate this accomplishment, SCAG put together this video to highlight our BikeSmart program. Check it out! Sustainability Awards 2017: UCLA from SCAG on Vimeo.