Traditionally, carpool-matching can be a tricky task.  Maybe because it is slightly more personal than a Vanpool and people have a harder time committing? - I'm not sure.  Whatever the reason, UCLA Transportation presents more Carpool Commuter Café information sessions in hopes of connecting people within relatively close geographic proximity of one another and creating a rideshare match.  There will be hosted events July 21 - 24 and August 4, from 6am - 2pm in the Facilities Management Building on Westwood Plaza in Conference Room 2102B (Second Level).

Personally, the things I have enjoyed being a part of my carpool have been the flexibility, camaraderie, and cost-efficiency.  I have been 1/3 of a carpool trio for nearly 3 years.  We recently moved from a 3-person to a 2-person carpool because one person switched their schedule around a bit; however, we all still keep in touch and have become friends learning about each others' interests, listening to frustrations, and even talking about relationships.

If there is anyone who has been debating the switch, I definitely would recommend taking the plunge.  It will not only save you money but you could possibly create a new friendship and you will feel great about being part of the pollution/traffic solution in Los Angeles.