Over the years I've made some great friends car pooling. Working 12 hour shifts that vary from week to week it makes it impossible to join a van pool. There are 3 of us who have been doing the drive from Orange County since July of 1997. Over the years 15 WOMEN have been in our car pool, we take turns driving, believe it or not we haven't had any major problems with whose turn it is to drive.

Over the years we've had the pleasure to visit with the CHP on a number of trips to and from UCLA. The first visit 5 of us were driving home, the lights went on and Michelle from the back seat bolted, "let me do the talking". Bright lights and the officer approached, she put down the window in the back seat, " good evening officer" we all were shocked at what came out next. " Sir, before you give us a ticket you should consider the fact, you may run into one of us in the future. the 5 of us are all RN's at UCLA." The officer looked in and saw our uniforms and then asked looking at each of us where do you work?  Michelle started MICU, then Neuro ICU, PICU, L&D and then last but not least ER. His comment was, " I would rather not meet any of you again whether at UCLA or here at my work". All 6 of us started laughing.

-Carol M.