Bruin Bikes, UCLA Transportation and Recreation's departmental bike program, was mentioned at the end of a UCLA Today story from yesterday ("Meet your new trash can"):
UCLA's departments of Transportation and Recreation are also rolling out something new: 17 bikes. In honor of Earth Day, campus departments that can show that their employees would use a bike to cut down on local car trips could win a free bike in the next few weeks, said Michael King, Transportation's bike coordinator and a planning analyst.
"This will help reduce midday trips and greenhouse gases while also improving people's health," King said. "We call it 'active sustainability.' It's a double whammy of getting healthy while going green."
Seven departments received bikes two years ago in a pilot program, and other departments have been asking for the program to be revived, King said. Interested departments should e-mail King at before the bikes are rolled out in the next few weeks.