bbs1Katherine Meneses is a UCLA Health Adult Post Liver Transplant Supervisor and an avid Bruin Bike Share user.

UCLA Transportation offers many options for students, staff and faculty on campus. There's Zipcar, BruinBus, and ride-sharing. So why does Katherine choose Bruin Bike Share? "For the convenience, time management, and it's fun," she says. "There's a lot of availability. You can pick it up at one place, drop it off at another. You don't have to return it to the same place. Now, walking around the campus, you can see there's even more. There's some in the Westwood area, so that's convenient."

But more than that, Katherine continues, Bruin Bike Share is simply just "a healthier alternative." And many of her colleagues at UCLA Health agree. They recently incorporated Bruin Bike Share into their holiday photo and helped spread the word about the benefits of joining the program.

Katherine, who mostly uses Bruin Bike Share to get across campus and into Westwood Village, recounts a time when having access to the new system saved her day.

"Being pressed for time, I had a meeting but I needed to go to the bank up campus and I missed the shuttle," she says. "I wouldn’t have enough time walking so I hopped on a bike and went there. That was great.”


As Bruin Bike Share continues to enhance mobility for all employees and students on campus, there are a few things Katherine wants to see in the future (and of which we continue to lobby for):

"More bike lanes. I really would like that. Just because a lot of California drivers aren’t too good about sharing with people who are on bikes. I mean, more bikes, and I think you guys are working on that. Like putting in more bikes in different locations, strategic locations, networks."

Bruin Bike Share has 130 bikes at 18 hubs throughout campus and the Village. Plus, our current promotion offers free custom UCLA helmet to all Bruins who sign up for monthly membership, which is only $7! All new annual members who sign up for $60 get the helmet in addition to a bicycle gift set! If you are interested in joining in on the excitement just like Katherine and the Adult Post Liver Transplant department, visit our Bruin Bike Share website to become a member today!