Xootr Roma. Source: Matthew Oliphant/Flickr. Used under Creative Commons License.

As many BAGC readers know, I love my Xootr Scooter. I have written about it on several occasions. My fiance caved and bought a Xootr for himself about a month ago.

Imagine my excitement when Diana, our marketing coordinator, tried out the Xootr last week.

Now we have to make sure Diana actually goes through with actually BUYING the Xootr.

In no particular order, reason #1 that Diana should buy a Xootr:

  1. They are surprisingly fast. With seven inch low-resistance polyurethane wheels and a light weight base, a Xootr Scooterer could travel a mile in under 10 minutes.

More reasons forthcoming tomorrow!

Disclosure: UCLA does not officially condone the purchase of a Xootr. Xootr is not paying me to exalt their product.