700x240-01Here at UCLA Transportation, we're all about being healthy. We encourage the UCLA community to commute sustainably not just to avoid LA traffic, which is the worst nationwide, and to save money on gas, parking and other vehicle costs. We want you to try biking, walking or taking public transit because it facilitates a healthy lifestyle, both mentally and physically. So it makes sense that when you're on campus walking to your bus stop or cycling down a bike lane, we want you to Breathe Well.

That's what UCLA's Tobacco-Free Initiative is all about. It creates a img_ts_breathewelllogo_105x105healthier, more breathable and environmentally green campus for our entire community. Whether you're a visitor, student or UCLA employee, if you're on any part of the campus, smoking is not allowed, including electronic cigarettes and vapes. There is no risk-free level of second-hand smoke. By creating a tobacco-free environment, Breathe Well saves lives and cuts down on the leading worldwide cause of preventable death.

Check out this cool, student-produced video designed to raise awareness about Breathe Well.