Plane vs BikeIn an effort to support those compromised by the weekend closure of the 405 freeway, Jet Blue recently sold just under 600 seats in under 3 hours for A320 Airbus travel between Burbank to Long Beach.  The price for the seats was $4 per flight, and are completely sold out.

The cyclist group Wolfpack decided to bike Jet Blue’s path one-way between Burbank and Long Beach; according to their blog and Twitter posts, they want to beat the plane.

When asked about this event, the first response from a JetBlue media rep is that JetBlue places priority on “safety over everything, so we are not engaging in the race itself.”  Instead, the rep said JetBlue invited members of the Wolfpack to fly the JetBlue route.  According to, ( )  Bike Commute News writer Joe Anthony will fly Jet Blue during the Wolfpack’s ride and will post updates at that time.

The JetBlue media rep confirmed that air travel time is approximately 20 minutes between Burbank to Long Beach, but that taxiing/runway time is a variable.  It is not clear at this writing what “time” the Wolfpack is trying to beat.

The JetBlue rep also mentioned that in honor of the Tour de France, for the month of July Jet Blue is waiving bike fees and is airing coverage of the Tour de France on their screens during flights.   Mayor Villaraigosa has urged the greater Los Angeles area to stay off the roads, so--enjoy the beach, the couch, the backyard, etc.,  while following Twitter updates from Joe Anthony @ohaijoe, and the Wolfpack @wolfpackhustle. Be safe, and have a great weekend!