For Day 2 of Bike to Campus Week, UCLA Transportation set up shop underneath the Dental School Breezeway between 8:30 and 10AM. Yours truly pedaled to campus with my boyfriend, who also works for UCLA.

The Sustainable Transportation Action Research Team showed up to help us greet cyclists and recruit people to participate in their bicycle climate survey (now closed):

The people leaning at the end of the table (on the left hand side of the photo) are taking the Sustainable Transportation Action Research Team's bicycle survey.

But, more interestingly, Brent convinced our marketing coordinator Diana to help him test out the adage, "It's Just Like Riding A Bike".

Diana's about my age, in her late 20s, but she hasn't ridden a bike since she was 5, before she came to the United States.

There's actual video footage of this, but since that's not ready to share yet (I promise, it is hilarious), we'll just have to rely on photographs for the play-by-play (after the jump).


1) All bikes can ride free on a number of munis, including Metro and Culver CityBus. (Link)

2) There are LOTS of pit-stops around LA (link) and lots of fun here at UCLA:

  • The UCLA Bicycle Coalition is hosting its Bike to Breakfast event between 7 and 11AM in Bruin Plaza tomorrow. As it is in a dismount zone, please walk your set of wheels. (Sorry, I had to say that; it's my job.) Additionally, there will be bike caravans coming from four areas: Santa Monica; Silver Lake; just west of Downtown; and Sherman Oaks. Check out the map below and this link for the times people are meeting up: Hope to see you at one or all of the events.
  • UCLA Transportation and Metro will be running its third pit-stop at LuValle Commons between 11AM and 1PM. We'll be giving away more tchotkes, as well as running our raffles.

Since Diana was using my bike for her first ride in 22 years, I helped her adjust the bike to her height.

Before she left, I gave Diana a pep talk.

And she is OFF!!!


Note: I ran after her like a worried mother.

Uh, is that food truck going to cut off our beginner cyclist?

Diana doesn't remember how to turn, so we walked through it.

SUCCESS! Diana does her debriefing interview to Brent.