Miami Bike Safety Bus Shelter Ad

The Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition (LACBC) is launching a bicycle safety campaign, and is asking for slogan ideas from you.  The winning submission will be used by graphic designer Geoff McFetridge, and will be converted into a public ad posters, used in bus shelters and public amenity kiosks.

Some sample topics you may consider:

  • The door zone and "doorings."
  • Signaling and communication among road users.
  • Bicyclists' rights to the road under CA law.
  • Safe passing distances.
  • Issues of bicyclist harassment.

Criteria / Guidelines:

  • Slogan should be between 1-10 words
  • Slogan should be concise and read-able to people whizzing by (or stuck in traffic)

The winning submission will also be awarded a prize by Orange 20 Bikes.

The deadline for contest entry is: Wednesday, May 5th, at 5pm.

For contest submissions and more information click  here.