Yizhao "Paul" Chen is the UCLA Bike Shop supervisor. He’s currently pursuing his Bachelor in ‘Applied Mathematics’ and enjoying his last quarter at UCLA. As a bike enthusiast, Paul hopes to find employment in a bike related field. Below, he shares a little bit of information about his bikes and the gear he carries with him.


I own four bikes:
- a 2014 orange Swobo Sanchez frame, with custom parts
- a 2014 Trek Crockett Cyclocross
- a 2014 Felt F4 (road bike)
- and a specialized 1990s Rockhopper

When I commute, my essentials include: Garmin cycling computer, two headlights, one taillight, water bottle, a jacket (when it's cold), a flat kit (CO2 inflators, spare tubes, tire levers, and multi tool), lock, gloves, cycling cap and a helmet.

When I go on training rides, my essentials include: Garmin, lights (depending on the length of the ride), two water bottles (one with water and one with a recovery drink), a flat kit in a saddle bag, gloves, a cycling kit, helmet, cycling cap, food (energy gels, mostly Shot Bloks), phone, ID and credit card.

On all my rides, I usually bring at least two spare tubes. This is so I'll be covered if I get a flat, and if others get a flat, I can help them out as well.

A fun fact about my Trek Crockett is its paint job resembles a bag of tropical flavored skittles, giving it the nickname “Skittles on Wheels”.

Each month, we feature a UCLA bicyclist and the essentials they bring with them on their rides.

We are currently looking to feature other modes of transportation such as public transit, walking, carpool and vanpool. Please, leave a comment or email us if you’d like your essentials to be featured.