VinnyBui_bikeessentialsVinny Bui is a former UCLA Bike Shop employee and UCLA alumni. He graduated last spring with a Bachelors in Anthropology and is currently taking a year off to travel. In addition to cycling, his hobbies include: live music, food, craft beer and tennis. Below, he shares a little information about his bikes and the gear he carries with him.

I have three bikes:
- one single speed fixed gear
- one Cinelli Mash track bike
- and a BMC SL01 Road Racer (pictured above).

My essentials include my helmet, shoes, multi-tool, spare tube(s), tire lever, water bottle(s), and my Garmin.

For me, it's important to have the necessary equipment and tools when I ride. If something goes wrong, I want to be able to do my own repairs right on the spot.

My BMC SL01 Road Racer was my first bicycle with gears! I acquired it in 2008, and with it, I have gained a new perspective on the Los Angeles scenery. Before moving to LA, I thought that it would be difficult to navigate as a bike enthusiast. I couldn't have been more wrong... After joining a cycling team, I realized there is a lot more to LA's commuting than rush hour traffic.