So in Sirinya's absence, I will be taking over as the interim blog/social media curator. I am a graphic designer here at UCLA Transportation and have been responsible for the design, web development, and maintenance on this blog since it's inception way back in 2008. While I've been very active behind the scenes on, I previously took a back seat when it came to the content.

I hope to be more active here in the coming weeks/months and I figured what better way to reintroduce myself here than to show you my commute - or at least part of it anyway. Below is the second half of my bike commute this morning (6/8/11) starting from the corner of Olympic & Sawtelle and finishing at my office on Westwood/Strathmore. My full commute is from Mar Vista, but, frankly the whole video became quite dull. That’s also the reason why it is sped up to warp speed :). If you'd like to watch the original (non-warp speed version), click here.

(my apologies for the quality of the video. I just ordered a bigger memory card that will allow for higher quality capture next time).

Admittedly, while preferred, biking is not my usual method of commuting. One of the things that I continually struggle with is the coordination of the kids’ schedules along with mine and my wife's. Despite our every effort, this detail often makes green commuting a difficulty for us. I’m curious to know who out there shares this difficulty and what are ways that you incorporate green commute practices into a busy family schedule?