A picture of the water bottle that Bike Beats Car organizers are giving away to the first 50 participants.

As many BAGC readers know, I am a bona fide green traveler. I have a Go Metro TAP card and a BruinGo! transit pass; a Xootr Scooter to handle last mile trips; and, as of last night, a flat bar road bike.

With encourage of Allison Smith, OneX Intern, I am participating in the Bike Beats Car challenge.

I will need to drive one day to campus before the conclusion of Bike Beats Car, so I'll be able to time my driving commute. The driving part is probably faster than riding the bus or riding my bike; the time penalty occurs, however, when I need to purchase a daily permit.

For today, I elected to ride the Big Blue Bus to Westwood/Weyburn and ride my bike the rest of the way (approximately four-tenths of a mile) to UCLA Transportation. I left at 8:02 and got into my office at 8:46 -- so that's 44 minutes. I've logged in my time to Bike Beats Car -- and now I want my water bottle!

Can biking be faster? I'm planning to bike tomorrow to work, so we'll see!