Santa Monica Big Blue Bus recently released its proposed service changes scheduled to be implemented in the coming year. Among these proposed changes are several that would have significant impacts on some UCLA riders:

Lines 3 & 14: Under the proposed plan, Line 3 would no longer serve the UCLA campus directly. Instead, Line 14 would follow Line 3’s current route from UCLA as far west as Bundy Dr. (in Brentwood), where it would turn south and follow Bundy/Centinela until the line terminated at Culver Blvd. in Mar Vista.  Current Line 3 riders east of Bundy would not be impacted (they would simply ride Line 14 to/from campus instead of Line 3). Those west of Bundy would need to either:
a)      Walk to Wilshire Blvd. and catch Line 2 to UCLA
b)      Take Line 3 to Montana/Bundy and transfer to Line 14 to UCLA

Lines 12 & Super 12: Under the proposed plan, the Super 12 would increase service during peak weekday periods and add weekday evening and weekend service. Line 12 would decrease service during weekday peak and midday periods (evening service would remain unchanged) and discontinue weekend service.

While these two changes would have the greatest impact on UCLA riders, other service changes could also impact individuals. For more details on all of the proposed service changes, please visit If you would like to provide public comment on these proposed changes, send your written comments to Linda Gamberg, Big Blue’s Marketing & Public Information Coordinator, at Comments should be received no later than Wednesday, March 23rd.