Big Blue Bus fall service changes

Big Blue Bus fall service changes are now in effect, including a major service modification on Route 3 and many other smaller changes to other routes including new schedules on Route 1 and increased service on the Rapid 7 (serving Pico Blvd.).

The biggest change is to BBB’s Route 3, which used to travel all the way from the Metro’s Green Line Aviation Station to UCLA through downtown Santa Monica. The ‘3’ has been split into two separate routes. The southern portion, from the Green Line Station to downtown Santa Monica will remain “Route 3” and the portion from downtown Santa Monica to UCLA is named “Route 3M” to designate the service along Montana Ave.

According to Edward F. King, Director of Transit Services, “Eighty percent of customers for Route 3 will experience positive changes, but customers currently traveling through downtown Santa Monica will have to connect to a second bus and cash paying customers will have to pay a second fare.”

For more information, please visit Big Blue Bus’ website.