Did you ever want to “talk” to the Big Blue Bus (and get an answer too!)?  The Community Meeting is your opportunity. This year’s meeting are scheduled for Dec. 8, 9 and 13th. Three meetings are scheduled for Santa Monica and one is in Westwood. At these meetings, which BBB calls a “town forum” you will learn about service changes and improvements. But it is also an opportunity to ask questions, share riding experience, and make sure your transit opinions and ideas get addressed.

The Big Blue Bus (BBB) website has a link with further information and location. (www.bigbluebus.com).  In the past these meetings were held in March, and there was one held at UCLA. However, the weekday UCLA meeting was sparsely attended- despite the offer of free refreshments, and even pizza!

If you have something to say as a transit rider- this is a great opportunity. Two of the meetings are in the early evening so you can catch them on your way home- another one is on Saturday morning.

Dec. 8th:  6pm-8  Fairview Library, 2101 Ocean Park Blvd.

Dec. 9:   10am-12  Ken Edwards Center, 1527 4th St.

Dec. 9:    6pm-8     Westwide Pavilion (community room B, 3rd Floor), 10850 W. Pico

Dec. 13:  10am-12  Santa Monica Main Library, 601 Santa Monica Blvd.